Tuesday, 21 June 2011

[Archive/Repost] 2011 International Sailbot Competition, Maryland

We have placed 4th in the 2011 Sailbot competition in Annapolis,Maryland. We were leading in the last event of the long distance race when we suffered mechanical failure upon collision with an anchor chain. We unfortunately insued damages to both the hull and sails forcing the Missus' to resign from the race. Although the ship received enough damage to remove the boat from competition,the Miss's will be improved and sailing with in a week of its return back to Newfoundland. Overall the competition has been a success for the Memorial Sailbot team. Being the first competition for the MUN Sailbot team, we have done exceptional well against more experienced competitors. We contribute are success to are innovative real time operating system and the robust mechanical design of the ship. Are main flaw of the Missus' however was it was designed for high winds and wave conditions. Unfortunately, the competitions had light winds for the majority of the events. From the experience of the competition a new boat will be optimized for lighter wind conditions for competition. With additional funding and the strong work ethic of the MUN Sailbot team, we will be seek to compete in the 2012 Sailbot Competition in Vancouver.

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