Friday, 24 February 2012

Improvements to hatch design

The 2011 competition in Annapolis was a huge milestone for MUN Sailbot; it was also the first time when the boat received a live, all systems go, testing. Through this testing some design features where highlighted as areas that needed refinement. One such area was the deck hatches.

The deck hatches have undergone various prototypes and design modifications to arrive at the stage they are now. Currently we are glassing what we hope to be the final design for both the fore and main hatches. The hatches should be easily removable while at the same time maintaining a sleek, flush deck profile to keep the Misses looking sharp.

We have also redesigned the interior to accommodate fewer, smaller hatches. This further reduces the chances of water entering the boat and reduces time spent laying up custom sized hatches.

With these two modifications, we are confidant that our interior systems will remain protected from the elements; a major step forward when considering long distance, un-aided ocean transit.

[Content by Liam, photos by Ryan]

Hatch in development

View as will be seen from deck.

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