Sunday, 22 April 2012

Crunch Time

We're getting close to our in water deadline of April 28th and here is another update.  Our motors have finally arrived after bouncing around Florida, Texas, Quebec, Texas again, Nova Scotia and finally to us!
Motors Arrive
They are shiny aren't they.  They will go into our new actuator design which is completely waterproof, capable of up to 3 Nm and around 60 RPM.  Our test actuator has just finished being assembled and tested and the rest are being machined right now by Engineering Techinical Services, which has generously donated the machining time.  Thanks Tech Services!

In other news, the spreaders, shrouds and other rigging are nearing completion.  All of the pieces being attached to the mast this year are being placed on sleeves which fit over the mast.  This allows us to remove them for shipping, replace them if needed and keeps the structural aspects in tact.  The last pieces are being bagged right now.
Yes, that is a garbage bag and no that is not what we have been bagging with.  We use much more sophisticated milk bags from Tim Hortons. EconoBag from and mastic tape helps too.

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