Monday, 23 September 2013

Wait... What?

Photo Credit: Ryan Williamson 

That is correct, St. John's with not a lick of wind.  After rigging up the boat and carting her down to Long Pond to shake the cobwebs out of the system -both mechanically and electrically- we found ourselves presented with an unusual situation: No Wind.  Although the mechanical elements could be tested manually without wind by using the hand controller, elements such as the GPS and the Autonomous code need vessel movement to invoke any response.  Never for lack of an idea, Austin and Gordo volunteered to tow Arctica around the pond to generate some sensor data  that would give us insight into how the boat is "thinking".

It was a strange sight all-in-all, a sailboat being towed around by a green punt, but a successful evening of tow-testing.

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