Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Big Plans Coming up for the New Year

It’s the beginning of another year for MUN SailBOT and construction is well on the way. With new electronics from the full overhaul from last year, the fall semester was dedicated to mapping the new system as well as planning the improvements to be made. On the coding front, the team has been very busy updating and creating code for the new competition this June. With the addition of a machine vision event, the team has been challenged to create a large section of brand new code that with the use of a camera should help us sail to a buoy in a large body of water. The Mechanical/Naval team has started overhauling the hull, building the rudders, and designing a new rigging, sail and mounting system for the new electronics. It will be a busy year for MUN SailBOT with major overhauls happening in every sector! We are hoping to repeat our successes from last year and hold onto the International Robotics Sailing Regatta title. If you are interested in working with the team, or supporting us with a donation, the MUN SailBOT Team can be contacted at munsailbot@gmail.com.

MUN SailBOT Team at the 2015 IRSR Award Ceremony

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